Contributing manual

Make a contribution

Here are the steps for contributing to one of our repositories:

  1. Open a new issue on the repository you want to contribute(please check the issue does not already exist).

  2. Clone the repository.

  3. Develop on a branch with name: [name]/[description] (e.g. name/my-new-feature).

  4. Open a draft PR if you’re looking for early feedback.

  5. When ready to review, open a PR against the develop or main branch (repo-dependent) and mark it as ready.

  6. Wait for the PR to be approved (typically 1-2 approvals, repo-dependent).

Once the pull request is merged into one of our repositories, you will be awarded a contributor POAP and gain privileges in the Discord community.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in our Discord channel; make sure you assign yourself the Developer role.

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