Add Specular to your wallet

Specular testnet is live on Sepolia.
To start using the Specular you must add the network to your favorite wallet.
Specular lives on Sepolia testnet, which means that Sepolia is the gateway to start using it, that is why we need to configure that network as well.
Here, we provide an example of how to do this using the MetaMask wallet. If you don’t have it installed yet, please follow the link to download.
First, click on the MetaMask extension in your browser. Then, click on MetaMask's network selector dropdown and select the Add Network button.
Next, click on Add a network manually and enter the information for both networks, adding them one at a time from the configurations below:
Network Name
Specular Testnet
Sepolia Testnet
Chain ID
Currency Symbol
Block Explorer
Before clicking the Save button to add the network, make sure that your window looks like this:
Now, since yo have the desired networks added to your wallet, you are ready to continue on the next steps, getting some free test currency from the Sepolia network.