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Why Specular?

When considering Ethereum scaling solutions, it can be a daunting task for developers to choose the right Layer 2 solution to build on. There are numerous factors to weigh, including compatibility, transaction speed, cost-efficiency, security, and the long-term support and engagement of the development team and community.
This is where Specular stands out as your ideal choice:

EVM Compatibility

Specular is designed to be fully compatible with Ethereum's EVM. By building on Specular, you will gain the security and speed you seek while leveraging existing Ethereum code and infrastructure.

Cost and efficiency

Offering lower transaction costs and faster transaction execution than other scaling solutions, beneficial to dApp developers aiming to provide cost-effective services to users.

Client Diversity

Specular's approach to client diversity allows for a more open and inclusive ecosystem. Developers and users can choose from various clients, reducing the risk of centralization and fostering a more decentralized network.


On the security side, Specular leverages an EVM-native fraud-proof mechanism to ensure the security of transactions. This mechanism helps maintain the integrity of your application's data and transactions, providing peace of mind for you, the developers.


If you have experience in Ethereum development, transitioning to building on Specular will feel seamless and straightforward. You can use existing technologies like Foundry, Hardhat, Brownie, Truffle, etc. Head to our Developers section to get started!