Cross-chain execution

What is cross-chain execution?

Cross-chain execution is an area where intent-centric architecture can offer significant advantages over transaction based ordering/interaction.

In transaction-centric De-Fi, cross-chain transactions often require complex coordination between different protocols and chains, which can lead to higher costs, slower transaction times, and increased risk of errors or failures.

Intent-centric architecture, on the other hand, is designed to simplify and streamline cross-chain transactions by focusing on the intent of the user rather than the specifics of the underlying protocols or chains. This allows users to specify their desired outcome (e.g., "I want to swap X tokens on Chain A for Y tokens on Chain B") without needing to worry about the technical details of how the transaction is executed.

By abstracting away the complexity of cross-chain transactions, intent-centric architecture can make it easier and more cost-effective for users to transact across different chains. Additionally, by providing a clear intent, users can benefit from increased transparency and security, as the system can verify that the transaction was executed correctly based on the user's stated intent.

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